9 March 2023  |  Admin
Mother’s Day strawberry & mascarpone cream Victoria sponge

I always feel spring is coming when Mother’s Day has arrived. Even if the weather doesn’t
oblige, I like to bake a cake that invokes springtime. This is a lovely cake for a family Sunday
lunch. If you do not like to use mascarpone cheese, then use all freshly whipped cream.

28 October 2022  |  Admin
Fruit Scones

There is nothing quite like fresh scones. Do them justice and eat them on the day of baking 😍

Makes 8–10 scones, depending on what size cutter you use

23 August 2022  |  Admin
Luscious lime meringue tarts

To prevent curdling, always remember the golden rule: add hot liquids to cold – never cold to hot!

22 August 2022  |  Admin
Banana Muffins

This recipe is a great way to disguise fruit and ensures that the kids eat bananas without
realising it. Also you can now buy really cute muffin cases that also persuade the smallies that muffins are worth a try!

19 August 2022  |  Admin
Banana & Oat biscuits

In case you didn’t know, cookies start their journey soft and chewy and go hard when stale. Biscuits should snap when fresh and go soft when stale! All like to be kept in an airtight container and to be eaten shortly after baking. Do check that your coeliac is happy to eat pure oats before serving.

11 August 2022  |  Admin
Fresh yogurt cake with lime zest

I think that lime is very much an unsung hero, so I like to incorporate it into my recipes whenever I can.

29 July 2022  |  Admin
Lemon & lime bars

A zesty, citrus pick-me-up with a mid-morning cup of tea!

15 July 2022  |  Admin
Pear & ginger tarte tatin

Apple tarte tatin is a traditional French recipe that works really nicely with pears. Gluten-free
pastry has traditionally been horrendously difficult but I promise that this recipe will work for

15 July 2022  |  Admin
Fig & Honey Tart

Do try to use local honey. You’ll be supporting local cottage industries but it’s also great for
hay fever to eat local honey. We are very spoilt having Dad as our in-house beekeeper!

12 July 2022  |  Admin
Strawberry tart with crème pâtissière

This is a real summertime treat!

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