Welcome to Denise's Delicious Gluten Free Bakery, located in Cork, Ireland where our artisan bakers create the highest quality cakes and breads, by hand, every day. We take great pride in our freshly made, award winning, hand crafted gluten free cakes & breads, made with ‘real’ ingredients that are locally sourced when possible.

Latest Products
Mini Baguettes with Grains


Gluten, Wheat, Dairy, Peanut & Soya Free! Also Organic!

Sliced Bread with Seed


Free from Gluten, Wheat, Dairy, Peanut & Soya! It is also Organic!

Sliced Sourdough with Grains


Gluten, Wheat, Dairy, Peanut & Soya Free! Also Organic!

Breakfast Biscuit with Seeds


Gluten, Wheat, Peanut, Soya Free and Organic!

Butter Biscuit


Gluten and Wheat Free, and Organic!

Madeleines with Egg


Gluten, Wheat, Daiy, Peanut, Soya Free. Organic!

Popular with Customers
Denise's Delicious Gluten Free Mince Pies


Baked to our famous recipe, these Gluten-Free Mince Pies are simply delicious!

Denise's Delicious Gluten Free Oat Soda Bread


Our Delicious Oat Soda Bread is baked fresh every week!

Denise's Gluten Free Christmas Cake


A deliciously moist and rich, classic Christmas Cake - gluten-free, of course!

Denise’s Delicious Gluten Free Flour Blend


Our gluten free flour blend is ideal when baking gluten free goodies at home!

Delicious Gluten Free Trifle Sponge


A classic trifle sponge, perfect for trifle making!

Denise's Delicious Gluten Free Trifle Sponge


A fabulously light gluten-free Trifle Sponge! - perfect for seasonal trifle making!

Individually Wrapped Gluten Free Fruit Scones (Pack of 12)


Our Delicious Fruit Scones are Gluten, Wheat and Yeast Free!

Gluten Free Apple Tart


Our freshly baked apple tart is simply divine!

Gluten Free Oaty Bread Mix


A classic recipe using our own gluten free oats!