Our Company Philosophy


"To us, the food experience is about life!

Being on a restrictive diet should not mean a restricted food experience..

...We create Gluten, Wheat, Dairy and Yeast free cakes and breads that do not compromise on taste."





At Delicious Gluten Free Bakery:


- Our artisan bakers create the highest quality cakes, breads and snacks by hand each and every day at our bakery in Cork, Ireland.

- We take great pride in our freshly made and hand crafted
range and these are made with "real" ingredients that are sourced
locally where possible.

- Our new product development team are always researching and listening to customers in order to develop innovative products that those following a gluten free diet are looking for.

- Our bakery is one of the largest in Ireland, here everything is gluten free and all products are tested for gluten at the HSE Analyst Lab.






Our Quality Guarantee

- Denise’s Delicious Gluten Free Bakery is committed
to food excellence and innovation. The use of the highest quality gluten free raw materials guarantees that all our products consistently meet customer expectations.

- Denise’s Delicious Gluten Free Bakery meets Global Food Standards and fully conforms with all appropriate food safety legislation

- Our bakery maintains a strict HACCP Quality Assurance Programme which itself incorporates full microbiological testing and auditing.

Our Objectives


We are dedicated to being the most efficient and consistent suppliers of gluten free cakes & breads

 We achieve this through our people, our continuous improvement philosophy, and our ongoing investment in people, and new production and process technology.


Best Manufacturing Practice

Approved HACCP and currently working on the installation of a BRC Quality System.


Food Safety


Full product traceability. All our suppliers are regularly audited on their Quality systems.



Our specialised bakery is accredited in accordance with Irish as well as several international standards for
quality management and food safety.