Our Artisan Bakery

"Today, our artisan bakers in our own bakery in Cork, Ireland, create the highest quality cakes and breads, by hand, every day. We take great pride in our freshly made, hand crafted, gluten free cakes & breads made with ‘real’ ingredients that are locally sourced when possible."


Denise's Delicious Gluten Free Bakery

Denise’s Delicious Gluten Free Bakery was set up by me, Denise O’Callaghan. It all started a short time after my father was diagnosed with coeliac disease and he could no longer eat his favourite foods.

My mother and I got our aprons on, rolled up our sleeves and started tackling the baking cupboard!

We discovered that after hours of tweaking here and altering there that we could make great tasting cakes and breads that were gluten and wheat free. My father was of course delighted with our delicious discovery and myself and my mother felt that we were onto something brilliant!

Then Delicious Derek arrived on the scene and the rest, as they say, is history! This is me with Delicious Derek!