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Gluten Free Pancake Mix


Perfect for pancake day.

Gluten Free White Soda Bread Mix


Denise’s traditional soda bread mix

Gluten Free Oaty Bread Mix


A classic recipe using our gluten free oats

Low Carb Linseed & Almond Bread Mix


Blended to Liz Murphy’s popular low carbohydrate, high protein recipe.

Gluten Free Home Baking Mixes & Jar


Our Gluten Free home baking kit is perfect for keeping you busy during the quarantine.

Denise’s Delicious Gluten Free Flour Blend


Our gluten free flour blend is ideal to include when baking gluten free goodies at home!

Gluten Free Savoury Pastry Mix


Our gluten free savoury pastry mix is perfect for home cooking and feeding your families some freshly baked goods.

Gluten Free Sweet Pastry Mix


Our very own pastry mix that we use here at the bakery.

Low carb/ Keto Bread Mix


Our keto bread mix is perfect for any one on the keto diet or opting for a healthy bread alternative.

Gluten Free Chocolate Brownie Mix


You can never go wrong with baking fresh brownies

Keto Brownie Baking Mix


Make Delicious keto brownies with our baking kit

Gluten Free Scone Mix


What's better than a fresh batch of scones for the family to enjoy.. being able to make the perfect gluten free scones but with less hassle.

Gluten Free Cookie Mix


Whether the kids are helping or just enjoying, our gluten free cookie mix will allow you to make delicious cookies for all to enjoy!

Gluten Free Muffin Mix


Muffin making is so versatile and made simple by our gluten free mix- you can't go wrong!

Delicious Gluten Free Breadcrumbs


Delicious gluten free breadcrumbs!

Delicious Gluten Free Trifle Sponge


A classic trifle sponge, perfect for trifle making!

Gluten Free Baking Powder


Denise's Delicious Gluten free baking powder packaged in a kiln jar

Gluten Free Chocolate Sponge Cake Mix


Our gluten free chocolate sponge cake mix is perfect for home baking that will be sure to turn out Delicious each time!

Gluten Free Classic Sponge Cake Mix


Our gluten free classic sponge cake mix is perfect for home baking and it will be sure to turn out Delicious each time!


Page 1 of 1:    19 Items
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Colourworks 5 Piece Measuring Spoon Set


¼ tsp, ½ tsp, 1 tsp, ½ tbsp and 1 tbsp measurements.

Colourworks Silicone Spatula


Stain and heat resisitant.

Colourworks Silicone Spoon


Flexible and hygienic silicone spoon.

Colourworks Silicone Whisk


This stylish silicone whisk is ideal for smoothing!