Great fun baking with Ciara on Ireland Am with our Back to School flapjacks! 

Getting down to business 180816

mic live 180816Shhhh. On air!

Behind the scenes 180816

Stirring up a storm behind the scenes…

girly giggles before going live 180816

Girly giggles with Ciara before going live!

Big gluten free chats 180816

Getting serious about all things gluten free!

Dads honey on show 180816Keeping it local with Dad’s honey!

Baking with Sybil on Ireland AM: Savoury Loaf 

Screenshot IrelandAM

Savoury Loaf

Baking Beetroot Brownies with Alan on Ireland AM

TV3 beetroot muffins

Alan giving advice on making a gluten free pizza on Ireland AM!

TV3 pizza

Bright and early on Ireland AM!

Tv3 pizza2

The GAA getting involved in gluten free cookies….



Delicious mum doing all the hard work on TV3’s Ireland AMtv3 mum

The lovely ladies from Ireland AM with Delicious mum & Delicious aunty.

tv3 presenters
tv3 muffins

Lights, camera…action!

Photo camera man

tv3 more

Neven’s Healthy Chef Series

neven & denise Bord Bia

Neven & Denise

neven denise quiche

AIB TV ad with Delicious Dad

AIB Delcious Endframe

Click here to view our TV ad……. AIB TV Ad

AIB Delicious

AIB Delicious Indulgent

AIB Delicious product shot

AIB Delicious Yum

Newspaper Coverage

Sunday Independent 6 March 2016



Front Page of the Sunday Times!

sunday times Sunday times 2

Half a million mince pies!

irish times

RTE Guide Reader competition

RTE guide 2 RTE guide

Woman’s Way December 2015

Irish Times November 2015

Leinster Leader December 2015

Irish Times Business 26 Feb 2016

Irish Independent 24 March 16 Intro

Irish Independent 24 Feb 2016

Irish Independent 2 24 March 2016

Irish Farmers Journal December 2015

Irish Farmers Journal 24 March 2016

Irish Examiner TV 20 Feb 2016

Irish Examiner 24 Feb 2016

Irish Examiner 23 Feb 2016

Irish Examiner 11 December 15

Irish examiner

FJ Butterfly bun

Evening Echo TV Week 20 Feb 2016

Evening Echo December 2015

Evening Echo 24 Feb 2016 B

Evening Echo 1 24 Feb 2016 A

Easy Food January 2016




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