Denise’s Special Pastry Baking Tips


Denise's Pastry Tips

Once diagnosed with coeliac disease many people dread the thought of loosing their favourite foods.  Worries that we will never be able to enjoy soft fresh bread again, that we will forget the taste of a delicious crispy pizza base and one of the worst…that we will have to say goodbye forever to freshly baked warm apple tarts and festive mince pies.

Of course it is possible to bake your own pastry using various gluten free flours, but if you have tried this then you will know that it is quite difficult and the result is usually a brittle pastry that leaves a chalky consistency in your mouth, you may add extra sugar to disguise this but it really never tastes the same as the desert you once loved.

Well we are here to save the pastry lovers day! As you may know we have just launched our gluten free Sweet Pastry Mix. This mix is so simple to use and all you need to bake the pastry dough are two basic ingredients: margarine and eggs. Choose your type of filling and you are on the road to pastry paradise in no time!

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Here are Denise’s need to know tips for baking gluten free pastry 

  • Regular pastry does not like to be handled a lot and you need to have very cold hands and a cold room when making it. Gluten free pastry is much more forgiving and it doesn’t mind being over handled, so don’t worry!
  • Chilling it down makes it easier to handle but this is not essential. If you have time then placing your dough into the fridge for 30 minutes is perfect! Delicious Lady
  • This pastry can be rolled on a floured board, but if you are nervous around pastry, a good way is to roll it out between two pieces of cling film. When it is rolled out, you can peel off the top piece and flip it over into a greased dish, mould it into the dish and then peel off the cling film.
  • When moving the pastry from the board to the greased dish, make sure to wrap the sheet of pastry around the rolling pin to lift it, don’t just lift it up by hand or it will tear, be gentle with it!
  • Good news…there is no need for baking beans when using gluten free pastry, once you have fitted the pastry then you are ready to go!


Look out for our Sweet Pastry Mix available in the Free From section of most Dunnes Stores, SuperValu, Centra and Spar stores, if you can’t find it there please be sure to ask!

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